Saturday, 25 January 2014

For Jo

Jo wanted to know the difference between double crochet and reverse double crochet. My terms are the UK terms so be careful if you look these terms up as other countries call our double their single.

I'm sure Jo knows how to UK double but for those who don't this link will show you how.

I couldn't find a UK reverse double but it is the same as an American reverse single crochet and you will find how to crochet the stitch by following this link.

This reverse double stitch is a very easy edging to a blanket - not too fussy but quite interesting.

Hope this helps, Jo.

If I can help somebody as I go along
Then my living shall not be in vain!

Sorry, couldn't help that.


PS There is also a reverse UK treble (reverse double) and a reverse UK half treble (reverse half double) which make the ridge slightly larger.

I think I'm going backwards with this blog!



  1. Now I dont know if I'm coming or going!

  2. I would like to thank you again for my help with the vintage knitting
    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. IRYPT - and I have absoloutely no idea what you are talking about lol

  4. As a non knitter/crocheter I plead ignorance, one day I might be able to understand but for now I don't speak "wool". I am quite happy to stand back and admire the work of "wool" speakers though :) xx

  5. It all sounds very complicated to me and although I love to crochet I have absolutely no idea what stitch I do!!!

  6. Hi Mum. I know what you're talking about. Years ago my Grandma asked me to crochet a pram blanket for my cousin (at the time she had to help me with the stitches) the was edged with a half treble backward stitch but was called a Crab Stitch. In total my Grandma got me to make four of these blanket and to this day I will never know why because she was great a crocheting.

  7. Sorted! Thank you for finding decent tutorials. I've tried before but only by looking at diagrams in a book and I just ended up in a mess with the reverse doubles. Things often become less difficult when somebody actually shows you : )


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