Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Are you there?

I have sadly neglected following the Bloggy Blanket Chain and this is just a call for an update on its whereabouts. I think it's with Fran of Frantic's Antics but it may have been passed on. Fran was finishing off the 4 corners. Fran if it's with you please get in touch and if it isn't can you please tell me where you sent it. Was it to Peg? I hope the chain is not broken. 

I think it is time for the edge of the blanket to be completed (if we find it). If you are interested in crocheting round the edge and then donating the blanket to a worthy cause please leave a comment and I'll try to marry you up with the Bloggy squares.


PS Welcome to another new follower. Love the name!

Edit: I've just had an email from Peg who says she is willing to finish off the blanket. Yeah! Thanks Peg.


  1. I'm more than happy to finish the blanket, I'm looking forward to seeing the squares in all their glory.
    One thing I took away from working on the blanket sq's was using darker colours I've always worked with pastels till now :)

    Peg x

  2. Glad you found your blanket and that it is going to be finished!! :)


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