Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Mum's Advent Calendar 24, Days Left 1

Find me
Let's hunt out all the angels.

One on the tree,

one in the kitchen,

one guarding a basket,

one hiding on a shelf upstairs,

one on top of the wall unit,

and three special ones who looked after DD when she was in hospital this year.

And what about Snowy? Did you find him?

Day 12 - Behind pusscat's ear

Day 13 - Behind the 2 crocheted stars

Day 14 - Under the Edwardian Lady book

Day 15 - By the Christmas cake (looking the worse for wear).

Day 16 - In the 'bits' tin

Day 17 - Under the crocheted Christmas pud

Day 18 - Under the large poinsettia heart wreath

Day 19 - In the cabbage bag!

Day 20 - In the penguin picture peeping through the window to the left of the picture

Day 21 - He's in twice, once in the Peace picture at the top and in the garland on the dresser.

Day 22 - He's in Santa bear's arms. You can only see his headdress.

Day 23 - Hiding behind the snowman wall hanging.

Day 24 - with the angels

I am linking my Advent Garland to KC's Court this year for a really Advent Bloggy Christmas.



  1. Wow, is that a melon wearing an angel headband? If so, I'm all for that!

    Merry Christmas Mum and thanks for all the advent fun.

  2. Found Snowy Angel,,,,,, Merry Christmas.

  3. Thanks for the fun, Mum :)

    A very Merry Christmas and good 2014 to you too.

  4. Hope we can do it again next year..........
    Merry Christmas
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  5. Found Snowy Angel. I haven't done bad, I've found most of them but I shall now go back through your posts and look at the ones which eluded me.

  6. Beautiful angels, have a lovely Christmas. xx

  7. Found. HAPPY CHRISTMAS. And a melonius 2014. X

  8. Hope you have a lovely Christmas.
    Carol xx

  9. Merry Christmas Mum x I've really enjoyed seeing all your snowmen xx

  10. Great fun trying to find them all!! Have a lovely Christmas and best wishes for the new year!! : ) xx

  11. What fun it has been following your Advent calendar and searching for the snowman. Merry Christmas


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