Sunday, 1 December 2013

Mum's Advent Calendar 1, Days Left 24

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The majority of my Christmas cards are everlasting cards which means I send them and the recipients send them back to me the next year. No new cards to buy. The cards are made from scrap materials and the envelopes I'm using this year I purchased quite cheaply from Lidl-iddle last year.

Some cards I didn't have envelopes for so I made them myself out of a piece of paper - not the neatest of jobs but it covers the card.

The front got a bit of decoration.

I hadn't got a window card so I just stuck the cross-stitch straight on the card and outlined it with silver pen.

These cards were very simple to make.

And this card was made while helping some children to make cards last year.

This one's my favourite.

The cross-stitch here is recycled from someone else's card that I rescued.

Just a few extra cards as spares. I seem to have quite a few small red envelopes so I'm making cards to fit.

Nearly all written now. The majority I am able to deliver by hand, thank goodness.

I am linking my Advent Garland to KC's Court this year for a really Advent Bloggy Christmas.



  1. What a great idea to have home made ever lasting cards.

    I spy your snowman hiding in the basket of cards xx

  2. Snowy is in the basket with the cards. He looks comfy!!

  3. Oh, what a brilliant idea, sending the same cards backwards and forwards over the years. Thats one to think of for next year, Joy x x

  4. What a cute little snowman. I like your idea of everlasting cards and shoould try it sometime. My problem is I get too attached to some cards ;)

  5. The purple tree one is my favourite too xx

  6. I have bought all my christmas cards this year but for some reason find writing them all a chore. I must get round to doing it this week, especially some I have to send overseas.

  7. Ooo you are organised're spuring me on .. I havent written a single one yet.

    Vicky x

  8. What a good idea!
    Mine are going to be charity cards again this year and I haven`t started writing them yet.......

  9. good for you Mum!
    I like your cards!

  10. I think your everlasting cards are a great idea. I haven't even bought my cards yet, never mind wrote them. I spy Snowy in this post.

  11. What a fantastic idea, lovely selection of cards. xx

  12. I love the idea of everlasting cards and I also like the other card you have made too. I've made some cards this year (I'll have to show them off). I usually buy my cards just after Christmas in the sales so I'm not sure about how economical the cards are, but I enjoyed making them. I wrote some cards out on Saturday because we were at a big family party so it was a good opportunity to save on some postage.
    I found snowy .


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