Friday, 13 December 2013

Mum's Advent Calendar 13, Days Left 12

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One has to have a little bit of sparkle at Christmas so the shortbread turned into stars.

I'm going to freeze them for last minute edible presents. Whoops, I've let some go brown - I'll just have to eat those straight away.

I added a bit of sparkle to Snowy's pixie hat and experimented with some sparkly crocheted stars. You can find the pattern for these here.

Yes, one has to have a bit of sparkle at  Christmas.

I am linking my Advent Garland to KC's Court this year for a really Advent Bloggy Christmas.



  1. The shortbread looks delicious and very festive. Found Snowy.

  2. Just a wee glimpse but he's there!
    Jane x

  3. Found him too ;) The shortbread stars is a super idea and they look quite yummy. Love the crochet stars

  4. The stars are lovely and sparkly and the shortbread looks yummy too.
    I found snowy today. I couldn't see him yesterday.

  5. The cookies are amazing! We are hoping to get some baked tomorrow. We bought some Christmas shapes last year.

  6. I spy with my little eye someone beginning with S???

    Love the look of those shortbread and it wouldn't be Christmas without a bit of sparkle and glitter lol. xx


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