Sunday, 3 November 2013

Moments in time

2/11/13 13.29

So far I've

* cuddled brown Pusscat - he's sleeping it off after having his top set of teeth out 2 days ago. Ahh!!!
* made breakfast
* started off the bread
* tidied the bedroom
* tidied the kitchen
* made some pastry
* made some crumble topping
* cuddled the cat
* made lunch
* listened to the radio
* ironed
* cleaned the skirting boards in the front room
* dusted in the front room - a rare occurence
* polished the brass

* stroked the cat (Pusscat 1 is looking after him)

I am now going to 

* sit for a bit on the computer - hello world
* crochet more of the edging of the 2012 blanket - it's a long way round!

Later I will

* peel some windfall apples (given by a friend) for some apple crumble

* assemble some meat and potato pies and a vegetarian pie with onion, carrots, peppers, cheese, stock cube and anything else that's veggie in the fridge
* knock back the bread and prove
* bake the pies and crumbles
* have tea
* have a bath
* get ready to go out with DD on a night out!!!




* I'm on the last round of the edge! Whoopee!


The cats have settled themselves down underneath the blanket. Looks like I'll not be moving for a while yet.


* Two pies eaten and part of one apple crumble


* Going home from the night out. It was a cold, blustery night so the blanket came in handy.

3/11/13 13.38

I have just finished the final round of my blanket - yeah! Can't show you any pics yet as the cats are on the blanket.

PS A very warm welcome to my new follower.


  1. I am loving your blog….poor kitty.

  2. My, my you have been busy, can I borrow some of you energy..........? Your poor puss cat,
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  3. I feel tired just reading that list, all I did was baking, laundry ,sewing and ironing. The slow cooker and the steamer cooked the dinner. and The Francesca did the washing up and some hoovering.

  4. Oh my goodness... and take a breath... phew, busy, but some fun too. Hope brown pussy cat feels better soon, ouch :) xx

  5. Oh, poor brown puss cat, I hope he's feeling better now. I can sympathise as I have a dentist appointment in an hour!

  6. I'd have loved to give pusscat some post op fuss! Really missing having a cat to cuddle! Hope yours are feeling better


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