Thursday, 14 November 2013


I shall now do my corrections from yesterday. I said that singing The Grand Old Duke of York through twice roughly takes 1 minute - wrong. How do I know this? Simple - because singing it through 6 times is the equivalent of 2 minutes. Therefor I would have to sing it through 3 times not twice to last the 1 minute.

Aha, I hear, 'How do you know this?' (Hi, Jill.)

Back in the schoolroom days of teaching the topic of Teeth and Eating the class was taught to clean their teeth for 2 minutes and the easiest way of remembering was to have everyone bring in their brushes and toothpaste and clean their teeth. Not everyone has a clock in their bathroom so we sang (with actions) The Grand Old Duke of York until 2 minutes was up. We sang it 6 times through while brushing our teeth! It was a strange sight to behold!

Now that I've done my corrections I'll show you some of the teacher comments for today.


Spot the plastic bag

Could do better

It IS a working table.

Tries hard

Never looks the same twice - an ever changing view


Who needs matching mugs?

Very creative

Dust collectors

Getting there



Put up job

It's clear that you have thought this design through. The kitchen ware is both useful and beautiful. Well done. (Why is there a toilet roll in there?)

I am now safely locked tucked away in my loft room. :)



  1. Please don't mark my house...there'd be lots of 'needs to take more care with....'!
    Jane x

  2. You mean people can have matching mugs, I dread to think what the comment would be on my craft table :) xx

  3. I will try that .... with the toothbush (dentist has given me some special toothpaste) although I will keep the door closed ... Hubby p might have me locked up ... its the 'actions' a step/march too far!

    Vicky x

  4. I remember your post about that plant creeping around your kitchen, is it still growing or have you given it a trim?


Thank you for your comments. it's always exciting reading them.