Sunday, 14 July 2013

Round and round the garden ...

... off I go once more
One step, two step
Delights by my back door.

The clematis has started flowering and is climbing over the pergola.

Poppies self seed in the garden.

We're eating the beetroot now, working our way down the row. I eat the leaves of the small ones.

The runner beans have started to climb up the wigwam.

The grapes are getting bigger day by day but not quite ready yet.

Tomatoes and cucumbers share the greenhouse space.

Plugs of small annuals were given to us by a friend. They are flowering profusely.

We're eating the Swiss chard now - leaves and stems.

No courgettes ready yet.

The corn is not quite as high as an elephant's eye. More up to his knee I would say. The mange tout are going over but we're still eating them - just have to string them first.

The broccoli grows larger but no sign of middle bit yet.

Here's a view of carrots, red onions, spring onions, leeks, spinach, corn and mange tout.

Bay leaves are my pick of the day for the flower bowl on the table.


PS Joy, have you sent the Bloggy Blanket to Peg yet?


  1. So productive! And beautiful.

  2. I received it on Thursday, but since then its just been too darn hot! I'll add my squares on soon, and it will be in the post by the end of the week.
    Joy xx

  3. What a busy garden you have, it's beautiful :) xx

  4. You're obviously very green fingered Mum. Lots of lovely goodies in your garden.

  5. It's all looking very productive. You've got more growing than I have, my allotment has taken a bit of a back seat this year.

  6. Everything looks lovely, your veggies are much more advanced than mine. Enjoy your produce :)

  7. Mum, your garden looks beautiful and is certainly productive. It must be a joy to take a stroll. I must remember to plant more flowers this spring.

  8. Sorry, forgot to mention how much I loved the tour of your garden, thanks.
    Joy xx

  9. I am so envious of all you have growing! My black thumb kills anything I plant.
    Take care, Jeanne


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