Friday, 5 July 2013

Forgive me ...

... for listing all the books I'm reading. I'm sure it must be pretty boring to read but I want to record the books I've read this year.

One more novel bites the dust. This Blackpool saga is filled with 'heartache and happiness'.

Readable and now becoming predictable but very enjoyable. My sizeable collection is rapidly diminishing.



  1. The colours of the outfit on the cover are the same as an outfit I had...yellow trousers and pink jacket...well, it was fashionable then!
    Jane x

  2. Not boring at all - it can give people an idea of whether they would enjoy reading the book themselves, and it is your blog to record whatever you want.Like you I like to keep records of things on my blog for myself to look back on xx

  3. I think it's very interesting to learn what other people reading. Enjoy.
    Anne xx

  4. I read an interesting article today saying how avid readers don't suffer as readily from dementia -- you're saving your marbles mum!

  5. You're getting through the books at quite a pace, my reading has slowed down a little this year.

  6. Mum, you are never boring.

  7. Its not boring, its nice to know what other people enjoy reading.


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