Monday, 1 July 2013

Kitchen Window - July 2013

The flowers are from the garden - a perennial shrub and a bush. I've forgotten their names. Oh dear! I think I can take the plant pot off the cookie cutter now as the window isn't steaming up anymore. There is an electricity monitor on the sill which shows usage and how much money the electricity is costing us.



  1. Can't help you with the names of the flowers but they look great on your sweet window sill. I spy a bag of garlic hanging on the side, yum! x

  2. Lovely flowers. I recognise them but don't know their names.

  3. Sorry can't help with the flower names but have had to instantly follow your blog because of your header photo... Cats on shelves (mine just won't be filed like that- what's your secret?) AND The Assassin - one of my fav films!!!

    noodleBubble X


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