Monday, 15 July 2013

A sweet read?

My 6th in the series was another 'engaging saga' set at the beginning of the 20th century with references to rock factories, boarding houses, the Golden Mile and the piers. This book also had drunken violence, abuse and unfaithfulness. We're getting away from People's Friend territory with this one!



  1. Somehow I think life did get a bit rough from 1900 onwards. I once cared for a lady in her nineties who came from Blackpool, this would have been about 1999 - anyway she said life was not all that grand when she was a child.
    I used to laugh when she would say, "I might be nearly 100 but I'm definitely not old, and if I hear you say that I'll be over there in a second and knock your block off - if I could get out of this chair that is!

  2. It sounds like something to get your teeth stuck in to, the book and the rock.

  3. So nothing much has changed in Blackpool then mum!!!???


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