Saturday, 5 May 2012

Oh Dear

I'm surrounded by chaos. The room's a mess. The dumping ground, creative sitting place, bed is choc a bloc with stuff. I've started making inroads but it's going to be a long job bringing order to this lot and that's only the parts that can be seen. Oh dear! DD has just come up and said that I'm obsessed. Oh dear!

The wools, I'll start with the wool. Here's the small and tiddley ball basket.

More wool sorted for the granny rose squares. (I'm sure I've done 16 - where have the other 2 gone?)

The large ball of wool basket

and the 'bits' have been tidied. I haven't thrown them away yet - might come in useful.

Look what I've found - it must be a disorder - OCCD (obsessive crochet compulsive disorder). Must start something new - try this, try that, discard this, don't finish that.

I daren't show you the rest of the room!


  1. I think we all have a room like that hidden somewhere in our house!

  2. Isn't this a reflection of every crafter's house?!! It's certainly like mine!! Cx

  3. I know that feeling - it's the playroom in our house that's a nightmare, full of bikes, car parts, shoes, books, you name it, it's there! One day I will get round to sorting it out...

  4. I have a room like that too and I'm not sure why we all save tiny bits of things because they probably wont come in for anything!

  5. Lol o'h thank goodness someone else is normal!!! thanks for sharing.

  6. You think that's a lot of wool ? you should see my stash ! I'll post some pics on my blog soon and it will make you and hubby feel much better !

  7. Hmm I'm getting slightly worried. Is this what I have to look forward to? Still I'm sure you will get it all back in order soon.

    Arwedd xx

  8. Ha, no matter how many times I clean up my scrap/sewing room it is upside down in a matter of days. My DD's call it "Mom's room of sin"

  9. Isn't that the norm? Oh dear, I don't think there's hope for any of us.


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