Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Kitchen window - May 2012

Welcome to my new followers

and welcome to diddy, diddy smiley stone. He's been on the kitchen window sill a while.

The lilac was hanging over our garden so it got itself a prune!

It smells wonderful.

In reply to yesterday's post - the promenade is relatively new and is at Cleveleys which is further north from Blackpool. It's a lovely stretch of promenade.


  1. What is the hanging plant, it looks great. I love lilac, my favourite for perfume though has got to be hyacinths.

  2. I normally have a little prune of my neighbour's lilac! It's in the front and is white and loads of it hangs over my drive. I love lilacs and your's look gorgeous.

  3. Thank you for the video. The promenade is lovely. It seems purpose built but very reminds me of a cruise liner.
    Jane x

  4. I love the lilac tree it takes me back to when i was little my parents used to have 2 in there garden we used to love making a den underneath them. dee x

  5. Never done Cleveleys. Looks good. Proper bustling town. Unfortunately up here we have a lot of boarded up shops. Can't believe you have lilac in bloom.

  6. I love lilac. Mine's blooming at the moment though it's later than it was last year. The cold weather seems to be holding lots of things back.

  7. I love lilac, your kitchen window!
    wish you a nice evening,
    love and hugs,regina

  8. Your kitchen window sill looks beautiful and I love the little stone x

  9. Love your windowsill I always have and have said that before lol guess what!!! guess what!!! so excited as I stayed at Cleveleys when I was in the Uk the first time..we walked all the streets,visited Blckpool from there and Fleetwood..O'h Mum you gave me lovely memories this morning and made me homesick for my freinds lovely family that had us on and off for 6 weeks as we went off travelling and came back and forth,they made me one of theirs and 10 years on we still keep in touch.Thanks Mum for a lovely start to my day.Now I will go back and watch the video I was so excited I commented first lol.


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