Sunday, 20 May 2012

Killing three birds with one stone

Oh my, new wool! This is for my Summer granny blanket for a double bed, based on Lucy at Attic 24's Summer Garden granny square and her Granny Stripe colours with the inspiration for the design from According to Matt's blanket here. Nothing original here on this one!

While using the wool I just had to do a few more Granny roses ...

... and another King for my Christmas Nativity. (See the Nativity label posts.)

The puss cats weren't helping but still had to be in on the act.

I'll call him Gaspar, I think. He seems to be lifting one side of his mouth up, doesn't he. I can do that.


  1. Your cats are so cute. I love the colours you've chosen for your new blanket.

  2. I love the colours for your summer blanket! I can't wait to see it when it's finished!

  3. Me too - the colours are lovely.

    What wool is it?


    1. Hi there, the wool is from this company
      I think that Lucy at Attic 24 asked them to sell this particular combination of colours.

  4. Hi mum, just catching up on my blog reading! You are on the ball with the nativity knitting.I got some patterns for a nativity last christmas, maybe I should start now because it would take me that long to do my own!
    Isnt it funny how our puss cat friends have to get in on any action?

  5. I also can lift my mouth up - and flare a nostril, my daughters call it Mothers sneer. I have not told them that most of them have inherited the same trait.


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