Monday, 23 April 2012

Which way?

Where? To Witchwood, of course.

Let's walk with a friend down by the railway track, through the bluebell wood.

There were white bells, bluebells and pink bells out today

... lining the pathway through the narrow stretch of woodland/

Which way do we go? The path continually forks but both ways continue onwards

... through the patches of wild garlic.

Which way now?

We finally reached the end of the walk way

... and continued on to the road. This house used to be a stable block at the entrance to a grand house. There are many grand houses in this area.

Here's the spectacular White Church.

And the famous Granny's Bay. Here's another perspective.

Onto the promenade now

... and a look back at the other side showing the large houses. Many have been knocked down and replaced by other houses or flats.

Sorry about the blurred pic.
The benches were looking at us as we passed.

Sea Campion was the flower of choice on the sand dunes.

Across the estuary we could see Southport.

Looking the other way were the old walls of the grand houses.

Let's take a closer look. The wall is studded with pebbles from the seashore.

Here's a summer house built into the wall.

Refreshment was taken at Booths in Lytham where an art display lined these walls.

This butterfly was made from an old book. Isn't that clever?

Back to the car through the residential streets.

Our circular walk was completed when we arrived back at Witch Wood.


  1. A lovely walk. It looks like you've had better weather than us, it's still raining here.

  2. I love your walks Mum, thanks for taking me with you.

  3. I fell in love with the summer house...and the butterfly book is incredible. Thanks for sharing your walk with us.
    Jane x

  4. Very nice Mum. Looks like the weather was kind to you.

  5. A lovely bluebell walk . That door in the wall of the old house looks like the entrance to The Secret Garden. Good to see that you have some clearer skies up on the West coast. It has poured with rain here, all day!

  6. All the places of my childhood! All my family still live in lytham so I know it like the back of my hand. Haven't been in Witchwood for years though, used to love it as a child.

  7. What a beautiful place, thanks for taking us on your walk

  8. Lovely photos- I love bluebells and have some bluebell woods near me. Walking is so restful.

  9. I think one of the most disappointing things to me about our area is how few trails there are through the woods.

    When we visited Denmark and Sweden I loved the parks, the bicycling lanes, etc. Everything is so spread out for us that it is practically impossible to live like that, but it doesn't stop me from envying your walk. :-)

  10. Just blog hopped in to say Hello :D

    My Dad is from Southport and my Mother-in-law lives along the same stretch of coast so I know your area quite well, but I've never heard of Witchwood before. It certainly looks like a lovely walk. Maybe next time we're headed north we'll stop to explore :D

  11. I enjoyed that walk a beautiful place to walk & that church is wonderful.hope you followed up with tea & cake x x

  12. Oh, thank you for taking me on your walk...beautiful bluebells and woodland, sea views and artwork..what more can I ask for?

    Sft x


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