Saturday, 21 April 2012

New to me

Blogger has given me its new blog layout. I've been avoiding it up to now as I was quite happy with it as it was. I cannot stand in the way of progress so I'll have to accept it. It seems fairly reasonable at the moment but I've not explored it thoroughly yet as I've been busy all morning and still got a lot to do this afternoon. I'll be back this evening to explore more. I wonder if there are more features. Time will tell.
Hello to my new follower - my number of followers seems to have remained the same but I've noticed a new face. Hi there. Must go, see you later.


  1. I've gone back to the old one, thanks to Frugal in Norfolk. There is an option on the top right hand corner to click a cog (wheel thingy), drop down menu lets you chose old layout.

  2. Thank goodness! Thought maybe I was going crazy. I couldn't figure out what I had clicked on my blog to change the layout on my posting

  3. Have a look at my post for today!
    Julie xxxxx


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