Wednesday, 18 April 2012

There and Back

... all for £1.

The voucher said that we could ride the new trams for only £1 so off we went.

The tram was standing room only. Our £1 tickets were duly bought for a journey to the Ferry terminus at Fleetwood.

Fleetwood, of course, is famous for ...

The water was too choppy for us to venture out on the ferry to Knott End 

... so we decided to go for warmth and headed for lunch at the North Euston Hotel.

This is not the best of shots!
 Here's the lifeboat at the ready.

One has to do a bit of beach combing when at the seaside.

No smiley stones here.

A few pretty shells hidden in the sand, though.

This family is waiting patiently for someone to come home.

Fish were floating on the pavement.

Fed and exercised we made our return journey.

Brand new tram, brand new seats, bright coloured handles to hold on to.

Going round the bend!

Once back we just had to go to the Tower Ballroom to watch the dancing.

I've reloaded yesterday's video and it seems to be working again.


  1. I love seeing your photos of Blackpool and the places nearby, they bring back memories of family holidays in the 1970's. It looks to have changed so much, we really should go back for a visit.

  2. A lovely day out. I haven't been on a tram for years and yours look lovely.

  3. Aren't we women clever! We can dance the male or female part when there is a lack of guys on the floor.
    Jane x

    1. There were 2 men dancing together today.

  4. I was so exited to see Fleetwood! we went there when we were over as Aunty Jean took us to see the town.It was a lovely day,we went into a store that had lovely clothing as my friend needed a wedding outfit,there was a bomb scare!!!we were all shuttled out the front..this was 10 years ago but I remembered all about it as soon as I saw "Fleetwood" funny how the memories are stored and forgotten until something triggers it off.

  5. Looks like you had a grand day out!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. Arggggh, can't get either video to play now. Perhaps it's my computer, it's temperamental at the best of times. What a lovely tribute to the families of Fleetwood fisherman. Even the dog is waiting to welcome them home.


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