Sunday, 8 April 2012

Time to sow

There's a time to sow and I thought it was about time - and it felt right - that I should 'sow the seed' outside so yesterday that's just what I did. The mange tout are now in - seed saved from last year. I hope they grow because yesterday we saw a great big pigeon pecking them out of the soil. Today I noticed a great big hole in one of my rows - pesky pussies - and some of the peas had popped themselves above ground so I went around poking them back in!

The seeds I've sown have been hanging around in my tin for an awful long time so it's hit or miss whether they'll germinate. There are some new ones, carrots, that I've not planted yet. The cauliflower and broccoli are all sprouting in the greenhouse and the grapevine has 'burst forth'. 

All systems go!


  1. I've sown my mangetout in modules and they've all germinated. Good luck with yours, it sounds like you might have been feeding the pigeons instead though.

  2. It all looks very organaised! Unlike mine. I have just put in peas, along with onions and potatoes. Everything else is still on windowsills here.

  3. Love the start on a new garden season, good luck with yours. We hope to get a good start this week


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