Monday, 7 November 2011

I'll be beside myself with glee

It was a beautiful day yesterday so I went to say 'hello' to the sea again.

The promenade was packed with people walking dogs, cycling, strolling, fishing and just lazing.

It doesn't look busy as most people were on the walkway not the beach.

I walked back along the beach admiring the views and the water.

It was a lovely, clear, warm and sunny day. Breathe in!


  1. We had a similar day weather wise yesterday but I spent most of it at the allotment catching up on jobs that needed to be done before winter sets in. It must be lovely to live by the sea, I know Archie would enjoy being taken to the beach for his walks, he loves swimming in the sea.

  2. That looks lovely. I wished I lived nearer the sea - tell it hello from me next time you go!
    Jones x

  3. hello mum
    fantastic photos!!!!!thanks!!!

  4. I always say hello to the sea :) Lovely photos. :)

    KB xx

  5. What bliss, walking at the seaside. Beautiful photos and sky.

    Sft x

  6. Great photoes, especially the smiley face :) xx

  7. Oh this looks fab, where was it? Just found your blog through Edith Florence. I love it. x x

  8. Did I say Florence Edith or Edith Florence?!! Brain all mixed up tonight, v tired! x

  9. Ooh I've never been there! We went to Worthing. Yes I LOVE the sea. I want to live there. Anywhere by the sea! It's a lifelong dream!
    Hope all well with you. I LOVE your little knitted/crocheted sheep. Very cute.
    x x x x

  10. Gorgeous photos. Love the big shadow one. I just took a bit shadow photo. Funny how I'm noticing synchronicity in folk's blogs now that I have time to read more.


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