Monday, 14 November 2011

Dear 100 followers,

Thank you for following my blog. I hope you enjoy reading and looking at little snippets of my life. I know that many of you follow some, or even all of my interests from gardening to walking.  I know that we also have various addictions in common - collecting, grannying, finding a use for unwanted items! To celebrate this centenary, (this sounds like a speech), and seeing as we live in this virtual world, do you think it would be possible to get to know each other a little bit more? Do you think we could try an experiment which wouldn't take up too much of your time? Please join in so I know you are all out there in cyberspace.

Meet my neighbours

1. Leave a comment saying 'hello' to the 2 other followers either side of your thumbnail picture in the Delightful People list on the side bar.

2. Visit the 2 followers and, if they have blogs, leave a comment on their blog. You might enjoy their posts and find yourself new reading material.

3. If you don't have a blog yourself consider setting one up. You don't have to 'go public', it could just be for your eyes only but you never  know you may meet other 'virtual people' who identify with your interests.

Finally I have a confession to make. In my early days of blogging I managed to inadvertently add myself to my own followers' list so really I've only got 99 followers not 100. Oh, but never mind I'll play the game aswell and say hello to my neighbours on the list. 


  1. Hello Shirl from The White House.
    Hello Isobel from The Cosy Corner.
    How are you both today? I hope you'll find time to 'meet your neighbours'. If you are here already one neighbour is done and dusted. See you in Cyberspace.

  2. Hello Magda from Magda
    Hello Laura from I'm So Vintage.
    I'm hoping to drop in some time and see what you have been up to recently

    Hello Mum - thanks for this wonderful idea - hope your neighbours drop in to say Hello to you too
    Take care

  3. Hi to Shirl and simply vintage, nice to meet the neighours! Pop in for a cuppa sometime.

    Thanks Mum, another great idea xx

  4. Hi Helen and Hi A Blessed Life. Hope you like reading Mums blog as much as I do.

    Hi Mum, had a lovely 5 days in Blackpool last week and saw Will Young in the lovely Opera House (he was fab and we had front row seats) loved Lytham and spent plenty at Freeport so not a Frugal Trip.

    thanks for blogging Chris x

  5. Hello flourgirl and hello to Justine! This is a lovely kindly idea to celebrate your 100 followers!

  6. While I don't formally "follow" the blogs I read, there are many that I make sure not to miss -- and yours is one of them. So I guess I have to say "Hi" to myself!

  7. Hi Christine, Glad you enjoyed your visit to Blackpool. I stood on the Opera House stage once. It's enormous - feels like the size of a football pitch! You'll have to save up now you've spent all your money at Freeport.

  8. What a lovely idea I will pop over now and say hello..(just have to look and see who they are lol) have a blessed day.xx

  9. Hi Mum,just me back,hello Christine Rose and Harduphester, seems they don't have a blog so hello from Carole in the middle of you both...

  10. Hello Dina and Mac n' Janet, nice to meet you. Mum, you come up with such nice ideas.

  11. Hello Florawood and Rachel!

    I love Mum's blog!

    Congrats on reaching 100 followers. I have 93 including my email subscribers.

    Would love to reach 100. One day!

    Sft x

  12. Hello Gill "That British Woman" and Emma from "Mimi and Tilly". I hope everyone joins in, it's nice to be neighbourly!


Thank you for your comments. it's always exciting reading them.