Friday, 25 November 2011

Do you or don't you ...

... have afters (pudding, sweet, dessert)? Here is our selection.

Most of the time
Crackers and cheese
Crispbread and cheese
Crumble and ice-cream or custard

Sponge pudding and custard
Rice pudding
Tinned fruit


  1. You have a lot of choice. I never have them, even if eating out.

  2. Very rarely have dessert at home. Occasionally, my partner makes some sort of apple pie or stewed rhubarb (from the allotment) which I will partake of.

  3. We generally have something. I say we, but at the moment I'm avoiding them! Ranges far and wide from a nice slice of carrot cake to berries and ice cream. I never met a dessert I didn't like.

  4. Never have puddings at home, and never eat out.

  5. I only make dessert for special occasions but always have either a cake or bisuits on hand to have something sweet with a cuppa.
    Anne xx

  6. Very rarely here.

    But in France with family I do enjoy the after main meal courses of cheese, then fruit & nuts and yoghurt or creme caramel.

  7. We very rarely have anything other than the main meal. I love my desserts and cheeses too much.

  8. We don't always have pudding. It depends on how filling the first course is. Since we still have a good stash of spples, I sort out the just-about-to start-going-off ones each weekend and stew the best bits, sometimes with a few sultanas. Then we have stewed apple with oat crunchie and yoghurt or ice cream or custard. I love this!

  9. Sounds like a lovely choice to me. I don't very often have a pudding unless its a meal out, christmas or birthdays. But i do like crumble, crackers and cheese and chutney and icecream are my favourites ;-) Have a lovely week, dee xx


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