Monday 21 December 2020

Advent Calendar 21

Ok, I didn't have the self raising flour so I used plain with baking powder. And I didn't have icing sugar so I blitzed some ordinary sugar. I didn't photograph it before I decorated it as it looked as though it should be in the bathroom - if you get my drift. It doesn't look much better decorated as it has a shiny, lumpy quality that didn't get any better with knife smoothing. Putting it on a wooden platter may have helped the composition of the shot but I'm not convinced. Under the suspect icing is a homemade Swiss roll. (I didn't have greaseproof paper which didn't help the rolling up after it had baked!)

Anyhow - Happy Yule Log Day to all.

PS DH thought it was delicious. Phew, saved.

Stay safe.

PPS Look here for the first one I made. It didn't look any better then!



  1. I'm very much of the opinion that cake is cake, if it's offered I'll eat it! Glad DH enjoyed it.

  2. I think it looks delicious and who wouldn't love a nice big slice of swiss roll - yummy!

  3. There you go then ....appearances can be deceiving :-) I bet it is delicious!! keep well Amanda x

  4. I think you are very brave to have attempted a Swiss Roll. I think it is perfect.

    God bless.

  5. Perhaps some additional snowfall (a dusting of icing sugar). It's delicious, so that's what matters. X


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