Thursday, 17 December 2020

Advent Calendar 17

I use my Christmas Planner in the run-up to Christmas. Let me give you a quick tour. The planner is a Filofax Classic Cross which won't mean much to most people but will to Filofax devotees! It's very battered and is the first one I purchased a long time ago. I have a few more now which seem to have formed a 'collection'.

It opens up to a welcoming card that says it will soon be Christmas. Soon will, won't it!

A couple of dividers set the festive scene.

Ok, a couple more than a couple. The first section is a Christmas Checklist which notes things to do for Christmas from October onwards - check cards, buy presents, stock up with food and so on. There is also a post Christmas Checklist which tells me to write notes for next year, start a gift list, sort decorations before putting away and write Thank Yous.

The next section is all about cards and gifts. Here I have the list of addresses for the Christmas cards.

Each person has their own page with their address, names of all the family and any notes about them that they have written in their cards, eg life events since their last card. I also note when I receive their card and when I send the card.

Information about gifts received and given are noted in this section plus a list of presents I have and suggested presents for the next year.

The food section houses a Christmas Shopping List ...

and ingredient lists for Christmas baking and cooking. 

I put some Christmas recipes in there too.


The final section houses notes about the present year - what went well or what didn't and notes for the next year - suggested decorations, where I've stored everything and general conclusions about the festivities.

Let's end with the Wise Men following the star.

Merry run up to Christmas.



  1. Very organised, I have an old Christmas book in my decoration box, almost all the addresses are wrong and sadly a few are no longer here to receive cards, but I do love looking through it, maybe I should pop it on my bookshelf where I can read it when ever I want to.

  2. It's beautiful and such a great way to stay organized!

  3. A lovely idea. I'd never be able to maintain it though.

  4. Oh my! You are very organised. X


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