Sunday, 20 December 2020

Advent Calendar 20

Which room do I spend most time in? I think it must be the kitchen so it's got most of the decoration this Christmas - in the form of lights. 

Can you see the new set of lights in the corner?

Just a glass bowl with a candle in and a few bits of plastic greenery, baubles and orangey pieces plus 
the set of battery lights. The bowl I took from the fake wreath table decoration in the back room.

It now has the poinsettia as its centre - plus some lights.

These lights will stay up for all  of January to light the gloom in the new year.




  1. Like the idea of leaving lights on through January.

  2. It's all looking lovely. I think I will be leaving a few lights dotted around too. Anything to brighten up the day.

  3. Poinsettia looks lovely with the lights.

  4. Lovely. I treated myself to a little tree in the kitchen this year for the same reason. Leaving the lights up is a great idea. It will add some sparkle throughout a gloomy January. X


Thank you for your comments. it's always exciting reading them.