Wednesday, 28 October 2020


I'm trying not to have a waste bin in the kitchen so I am putting the rubbish in the smallest container to hand. Today it was the cat food box. This morning it had in it some wrapping paper from some silk leaves I purchased from Ebay for an Autumn decoration, a cat food pouch, beer can plastic and a crisp packet.

Later on it had another cat pouch and some chicken bones. The 2 cans from lunch went straight in the recycling.

I won today. I wonder how much rubbish I will generate tomorrow and whether it will fit in my cat food box.




  1. Another one here attempting to Reduce our waste!

  2. After recycling my rubbish bin is mainly full of cat food pouches (the same brand!).

  3. We recently stopped buying pouches for our 2 cats and are back using tins, only because the cans can be recycled much quicker, no difference in the food and the cans are cheaper.

  4. I am finding it hard to reduce my rubbish. You are doing very well with reducing yours. Pretty sure you will do even better tomorrow.

    God bless.

  5. You sound just like me with the rubbish. I use whatever is to hand then I put in straight in the dustbin at the end of the day. I don't generate much rubbish these days from being on my own

    Julie xxxxxx

  6. I try to re use or compost every bit of rubbish I create. I don't do too badly either


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