Sunday, 18 March 2018

On my needles and hook

I've started knitting squares from spare yarn. Here's a 20cm square and a 10cm square. The 10cm was way more satisfying to knit. A colleague at the CS wanted to get back into knitting again so we decided to knit squares for Charity projects. This one being for a pets' charity that needs blankets for the animals. We know that our hard work will be going to a good cause and we may recruit more knitters and crocheters along the way. My task was to sort out the pattern - number of stitches and size of needle and then to sew or crochet the squares together. Hope the project blossoms.

This next pic is of my blanket in progress. The ripple blanket is so satisfying to crochet and I'm using up my DK stash. It will take me some time to finish but I'm in no rush.

I've also been crocheting 'scrubbies' which are for washing up. They are crocheted from yarn that is actually strips of netting. The scrubbies don't work as well as ordinary scourers but look quite good around the sink. I'll post pics another time.

I've been thinking of names to call our knit and crochet for animal charities group and have come up with Knitty Nutters and Crochet Hookers. Any other names would be appreciated as we would like to recruit others to help us in our quest.



  1. I like both names, but not sure they will recruit! I wish I could crochet I would join in.

  2. Both names are lovely.

    When I look at your crochet, I wish I had learned how. I think that it might have been something I could have done with this stupid cast.

    God bless.

  3. Like the idea of knitting for the animals, what is the charity?

    1. It is a local pet charity that requires blankets for the dogs. Will give you more details once we get this project off the ground.

  4. I love the idea of names for your group and what a lovely idea.
    The ripple blanket is coming along a treat. X

  5. I can knit some squares fo you if you give me the info.
    Hilary in Newton, Preston x


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