Saturday, 10 March 2018

Cleaning Routine - Saturday

Phase 1 of the decorating is now complete and there should be no more decorating mess for the foreseeable future. Now my Cleaning Routine can get back to normal. 

Everyday I make sure that the kitchen floor is swept and mopped, cat tray sorted, kitchen surfaces cleaned, washing loads are done (if needed) and ironing is done (if needed).


Make sure everything is in its proper place. (Everything must have a home or a 'put down' place.)

Clean - the fridge, the microwave and the hob.

That's it for Saturday - no deep cleaning on the weekends.

Today I also did the finishing touches to the understairs loo - hoovering the newly laid carpet, cleaning the door, dusting the shelves and adding finishing touches such as loo rolls in the cupboard and ornaments on the shelves. The hall was hoovered and the remnants of carpet put in the bin.


PS Having trouble uploading photos at the moment. Will do so as soon as I've figured it out. Have upgraded to High Sierra and some things don't work! Hey ho!

Edited 11/3/18 - Managed to put the pics on via a roundabout way. :)

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