Monday 12 March 2018

Cleaning Routine - Monday

Monday - Back Room

As well as the daily routine tidy I focus on our Back Room for a more thorough clean on Mondays.  Everything is 'put in its place'

and then today I cleaned the paintwork - skirting boards, window and door frames.

This involves some scrabbling around on the floor to get to areas under the dresser and sideboard. The gaps in between the radiator and the wall are dusted with my trusty 'not feather' dusted which fits brilliantly into the tiny area and helps prevent a build up of dust and detritus.

(Perhaps I should call it my 'tickling stick'.  RIP Ken Dodd.)

This same duster can also do picture rails and high up places easily.

Other spots to thoroughly clean are the windows, of which there a are quite a few in this room, the dresser (waxed every blue moon), the floor and the lights. These spots will be tackled on future Mondays.

Everyday the loos get a quick wipe but each week they have a really good clean up and under the rim and all that. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are set aside for this - 3 loos, one day each.

That was enough for today because we were taken out for a belated Mother's Day lunch with DD.
Full now,



  1. Do you do anything else apart from cleaning?My house is always clean and tidy but I am not obsessive or have a set routine.Three toilets/ bathroom and kitchen all the time but the and when.

    1. Wish I could clean but most days too ill and things are starting to get out of control and I do not do anything else as housebound; enjoy it while you can.

  2. I think my 'not feather' duster has now become the tickling stick,. I shall give up on dusting and will instead tickle the dust into submission.


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