Saturday, 12 August 2017

Wrong place

There's plenty of items in the wrong place in this house at the moment due to decorating most of the rooms downstairs. These vases are from different areas in the house. Normally they would blend in with different rooms. Here they look like an odd bunch - art deco, 30s, country and wierd.

The flower is dying in the vase in the fireplace - no time to clear it away yet. Various objects abandoned on the floor.

The light shades from the back room are hopefully safe on the chair in the lounge. An odd lamp is dumped on the floor.

The dining room side board is in the lounge along with crisps from the kitchen and placemats from the dining room. The throw is over the sideboard to stop the cat from scratching its surface.

Tea things roam around the kitchen as we are awaiting a wall cupboard to arrive.

Dining chairs are stacked on the dining table and kitchen and office chairs keep them company. The watering cans have a roll in sealing the parquet floor. The floor is in the process of being sanded and most surfaces have a layer of sawdust on them.

The bathroom cupboard contents are on the floor in a bedroom (the bathroom will be decorated at some stage).

Sideboard contents are scattered about the floor.

Dresser, kitchen and dining room contents are on the landing.

Dresser and the contents of the other sideboard are in another bedroom. The other sideboard is in the process of being waxed.

Can I find anything? Well I've just about got the hang of where everything is living at the moment and I've managed to bulk bake some rhubarb crumble and a loaf today along with a roast beef dinner and a bit of weeding in the garden. DH is still sanding the parquet floor!



  1. Love the deco style pieces, and you made time to make all those crumbles, well done you xx

  2. The chaos must be driving you crazy but it will all be worth it in the end. I'm impressed that you managed to bulk bake in amongst it all. X

  3. Well done for getting so much done when you are in a muddle.
    Hope things get done soon

  4. Oh Mum, sand with everything. Stay

  5. I remember that well, when we moved in this house, I kept telling everyone my hubby was hiding furniture, I would come home from work and the kitchen would be in the spare room. One day I came home to the new bath being stored behind our sofa. Will be worth it once it is all done.

  6. Oh my....Camping in your own house (nearly glamcamping!) ... Good luck!

  7. Feel some of your pain. We are having new heating in two weeks so DH is re-insulating the loft. This has meant emptying it and I am determined that nothing apart from the Christmas decorations is going back up! I love your art deco pieces in photo 1-serious envy. Catriona

  8. Redecorating always is an experience. Soon things will be back to normal and everything in its place.

    God bless.

  9. Can't help admiring your loaf.


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