Thursday, 18 May 2017

Short walk

My walk was in the garden today. Just outside the back door are the lily of the valley - a beautiful scent whenever we walk out the door.

The poppies come up everywhere and the blooms only last a few days. Each flower 'goes to sleep' at night and wakes again in the morning.

Walking down the side of the house I'm greeted by the B&M car park clematis which is still going strong, giving off another heady scent.

The strawberries are starting to flower and each day there are more and more buds opening.

These aquilegia pop up in different areas of the garden. Some I leave in and some I pull out.

Here's my walk to the back garden with the greenhouse at the end.

I won't turn round and take a picture because down the side of the house are the bins - not a pretty sight. However in the front garden there are more joys to behold. This is some sort of mock orange.

And here are euphorbia. They make a pretty bouquet but cannot be put in a glass vase because the leak a milky fluid. Is that another aquilegia that I spot there?

The iris are in full bloom but they only last a few weeks so I'll enjoy them while I can.

And here in the front is my rhubarb patch giving the impression of ornamental leaves. The blue flowers are the bluebells dying down.

Our giant calla lily keeps producing new blooms and the plant is nearly as tall as me - or should I say 'as small as me'!

Hope you enjoyed my short walk from the back to the front. I did walk down the road and back plus did a bit of weeding so I have had a little more exercise.



  1. A beautiful short walk. The strawberries are looking like they will be very fruitful. X

  2. Lots of gorgeous plants, the lily of the valley must smell amazing, xx

  3. Beautiful flowers. I have the orange poppies all over the front border along with aquilegias, bluebells and wild garlic. I can't grow lily of the valley


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