Friday 5 May 2017

From my seat

Let's walk into the garden and sit on the seat in the strawberry patch.

In front of me is the edible garden - still rather bare but half of it is planted up and the other half will contain the corn and courgettes. The mange tout is growing well and the lettuce doing nicely. The potatoes are peeping through.

Directly in front are the strawberries and some already have flowers on them. The strawberries have survived the trampling when the greenhouse was overhauled.

To my left are the leaves of the plum cordon. We've never had many plums from this - perhaps I prune too brutally!

To my right is the greenhouse which contains 2 grapevines and the tomatoes. Soon a cucumber will be planted in there. I've pruned the grapevine to within an inch of its life but it has produced numerous bunches so it must be happy.

Behind right is the apple cordon with quite a few blooms. Hope they grow into apples.

Left in the bed is a blueberry bush with quite a few flowers - within picking distance of the bench.

Also left is another grapevine bought for a pound from a nursery that was closing down. Already it has grown up to the top of the pergola and needs a bit of a train. It does not have grapes on yet.

Below are some weeds that have been pulled from the strawberry bed. Each time we sit out I have a quick pull up of the never ending weed visitors.

In front to the left is the edge of the edible plot and part of the patio area.

It's been a lovely sunny day here. Hope the warmth lasts.



  1. Great time of year, so much promise, your garden is looking good.

  2. So was that in some ones style?! I would rather have you. Garden looking ace.

  3. That does look good - so many delicious promises.
    J x

  4. Lovely garden. I am trying to get fit so I can get in mine!

  5. How lovely!!! And fresh strawberries, sigh....

  6. All that edible goodness within reach of your bench, how wonderful.

    God bless.


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