Tuesday, 16 May 2017

'Here's looking at you' or 'One thing led to another'

I couldn't decide which title to have so I've put both. The small basket of small balls of wool needed tidying so I spent some time rewinding wool to get it looking tidy again. 

I left this messy lot until last.

I also wound back all the projects I'd started but not completed, which was very satisfying and I ended up with more small balls of wool. One crocheted square I left and added to it to make a cover for my new 'phone. The added bit folds over the top so the 'phone can't fall out. I needed additional  padding inside. (Who's good at dropping 'phones?)

So I made use of an old mobile cover. Poor chicky had lost one eye. When I'd finished with him he was minus the other eye, his beak and his 2 legs.

He was then tucked inside the pink and red cover and crocheted in. An added feature was the lanyard clip. (Who's good at dropping 'phones then?) I need mine attached to me at all times.

The addition of 2 eyes made the cover a little bit more appealing. So - one thing led to another!

Here's looking at you!



  1. Ingenious use of left over wool. So cute.

  2. Cute phone cover. While I don't drop my phone, I have been known to pocket dial people.

    God bless.


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