Saturday, 11 March 2017

From my feet

I didn't sit down on the beach because it was too damp so these shots were taken 'from my feet'.

In front of me was the Tower and North Pier.

To my right was the promenade.

To my left the sea.

Behind to the left was Central Pier …

… and behind me was Central Pier again. In the distance the Big One on the Pleasure Beach can be seen ...

… and also South Pier.

It was a 3 mile walk that day (What do you think, Ilona!) in glorious sunshine. Roll on Spring.



  1. It looks like a beautiful day for a walk at the beach.

  2. Put me to shame ! Well done.

  3. It looks glorious. It's the first time I've felt some welcome warmth in the sun these past few days.

  4. You are so lucky to have this lovely beach on the doorstep x

  5. Beautiful views!! We are still pretty cold here so my walks have been limited to around the block. The sun is shining today, and so Harvey and I are keeping our fingers crossed that soon our winter will be done.

    God bless.

  6. Absolutely stunning photos. Look at that blue sky. Beautiful x

  7. thank you for "a blast from my past" been donkey's years since we were in Blackpool, brings back lots of memories, that and Morecambe........

  8. You did well Mum. Lovely photo's

  9. We've had some gorgeous sunshine haven't we. Love the pictures.


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