Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Which genes do you have?

Worry - Many people have this gene, some more than others and they worry about every little thing.

Stay quiet - A proportion of the population have this gene but it hasn't yet been determined how many due to lack of information. No one can come up with an estimate as only the Very Loud people respond to questioning.

Obsession - This gene is found in most people and the obsession is seen to be wide ranging - from mild to very severe.

Do  - The Do gene is in everyone but not necessarily active in all cases. Those whose Do gene is activated achieve a level of great satisfaction or resentment. Satisfaction at a job well done or resentment because they are doing and others are letting them.

Contentment - Only found in people who smile regularly.




  1. I think that I have a little drop of them all with a majority of the final one binding it all together.

  2. Me too tho my husband would disagree - he thinks I have the worry about stuff I can do nothing about.

  3. I have a bit if everything there!

    Julie xxxxx

  4. Definitely not Quiet, I talk too much :o)

  5. Hmmm, definitely have the worry gene, and perhaps the obsessive gene.

    God bless.

  6. I have been a worrier - is there a stick your head in the sand gene? thats more me lol
    sammie xx

  7. Bottom three for me, I'm not a worrier and I will speak out if I feel I'm involved.


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