Thursday, 12 January 2017

New blanket planning

1. Go to stash and see what I've got.
2. Choose some DK rainbow colours, the largest balls I could find.
3. Decide to make a rainbow blanket.
4. Look up patterns and crib a few ideas.
5. Try out 100 stitches and find it is too long.
6. Worry about running out of wool and ending up with a strip rather than a blanket.
7. Realise I've made a mistake in the pattern and increased by one 'bobble' each row.
8. Pull it all back and try again.

9. Cast on 75 stitches and quite happy that the wool will last out but will make it stretch by adding some white in between.

10. I'm on my way. This blanket is one row double crochet UK, 1 row in colour bobble or popcorn stitch, 1 row in colour double crochet, 1 row in colour bobble. Repeat with next colour. I've done red and orange and now I'm on yellow. The bobble rows take longer than the DC rows but it is growing.

I don't know how big the blanket will be - it just depends on the yarn I've chosen. There's planning for you!



  1. Still wish I could master crochet Hey ho. Beautiful.

  2. Ooh I love it already, I've tried to crochet before I really must give it a go again, look forward to seeing it grow
    Sammie xx

  3. Its going to be gorgeous

    Julie xxxxxxx

  4. Those are very exotic colours there, Mum. Reckon it'll be a lovely blanket when its finished xx

  5. I love blankets like those.
    J x

  6. I love blankets which grow "organically" like that...make it up as you go along....that's my haphazard approach! You've got some good fire colours in there.

  7. Love the colours you've chosen. I've knitted a lot of blankets over the past year but must have another go at crochet. I finally learned to crochet a couple of years ago, made one blanket and haven't crocheted since. Hope I can remember how to do it.

  8. Such lovely and bright colours. Your blanket made me smile.

    God bless.

  9. Your post did make me chuckle, looks like you are on your way now, love the colours you have used so far X


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