Monday, 9 January 2017

Sorry I missed you

I think I have some new followers - sorry but I seem to have missed you when you first arrived - this new Blogger system doesn't seem to flag up new followers or comments anymore. I have only just noticed new faces in the side bar. I also don't know how to get to your blogs as I can only see the blogs that you follow. Perhaps I am missing something here and all this information is under my nose. I shall continue to hunt. Anyway - welcome and enjoy your visits.



  1. When you're on the main page, look down the left hand side and there's a link to 'comments' Click on that and it shows a list of comments made, both yours and others.
    It is generally not as easy as before and a kit more clicky, I find.
    J x

    1. Yes but it doesn't show at a glance whether new comments have been received or not. There used to be a 'new comments awaiting moderation' written in red if I remember correctly.

  2. I have comments sent to my email address

    Julie xxxxx

  3. Its only if they comment tho.. Many follow without comments. Why they had to change it all I know not.

  4. The new Blogger layout is horrible, the old page had everything where you could see it easy. Typical upgrade which no one likes.

  5. I am also still trying to find my way around the new set up.

    One thing I have noticed is that some of the people follow a blog, but don't have a blog themselves.

    God bless.


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