Sunday, 20 November 2016


1. What was the 'best bit' of yesterday?
2. What was the most exciting thing you did?
3. What was the most boring thing you did?
4. What was your 'good deed' for the day?
5. Did you achieve what you set out to achieve?

Aren't I being nosey! One day tends to blur into another sometimes and the days and weeks rush by. Nothing seems to stand out much and life can be pretty hum drum at times. But is it? Some activities must stand out above others. Here are my answers to the above. They aren't sensational as life isn't most of the time.

1. I had candles lit around the bath. O.K. so they were the battery lights as we don't use real candles but the lights were low and the candles flickered - very relaxing.
2. Ah, exciting. Well exciting for me. I tried out a new chicken casserole recipe that popped up on Facebook last week. It was good but very same-ish so I will add my own embellishments to make it more interesting next time.
3. I brush the kitchen floor every day but it takes me a while to dustpan the crumbs up at the end of sweeping. I will avoid it because it's so boring. It gets done eventually.
4. Always do at least one good deed a day - good girl guide style. I called in at the CS and gave them a bit of help for about half an hour. No trouble as I was passing. (Plus I had a nosey round the shop for any bargains.)
5. Yes, I did - all my list was crossed off, not that it was very long in the first place. Saturdays are put things away days so all that was done and hobbies pursued.



  1. Yesterday
    My best bit - having coffee with a friend
    Most Exciting - Sorting stuff for the class I am teaching on Monday
    Most boring - tidying up a corner of the room I used to dump some crafty bits
    Good Deed - Listening to said friend's problems
    Achieved - Yes

    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. My best bit of yesterday was seeing our daughter on her birthday and celebrating it with her and her partner.
    Most exciting was going on the Harry Potter Tour at the studios in Watford with my husband, daughter and her partner.
    Most boring was three and a half hours on the motorway.
    I'm afraid I didn't have an opportunity to do a good deed other than give our daughter her presents.
    Did I achieve what I set out to achieve? If you call surviving the monotony of the motorway, then yes I did.

    Joan (Wales)

  3. The best bit of yesterday was winning a door prize at the craft sale. I never seem to win anything.

    The most exciting was a big bang I heard coming from the basement. Turns out some of the venting for the furnace had fallen apart (it is not attached totally as of yet in one area) and was laying on the floor.

    The most boring....hauling in the flooring.

    Good deed for the day was helping my friend with her knee exercises.

    Did I achieve what my list said...mostly.

    God bless.

  4. This made me think of your stones Mum

    1. My little family of rocks would be right at home here.


Thank you for your comments. it's always exciting reading them.