Tuesday, 15 November 2016

One moment in time in the kitchen

The time is after breakfast, first thing this morning after a drink of lemon. The basket of given to me apples needed attending to. This year I'm tackling them a few at a time so ...

10 were peeled ready to stew.

While this was going on I had started the bread making and was making up 2 lots of 2 loaves. The first lot was wholemeal.

Another cuppa was ready to be made.

The floor was swept but the bits not picked up because ...

my second batch was being made - white this time.

While I was at it I decided that the Christmas cake needed its first feed. There's whiskey and cognac further along the counter.

My burnt on casserole deposits from yesterday were being given a seeing to with bicarb and a damp cloth. I'm leaving it to soak in before I wipe them off. I'd done 'pulled pork' slow cooked pork on a bed of garlic, onions and carrots with a little stock to keep it moist. Left in for 5 hours it came out really well and is enough for a few meals.

2nd batch made and final floury bits wiped up.

Must stimulate the brain while doing all this practical work so while I was buzzing around I noted down a few other things for the shopping list this week. I always go with a list so I know exactly what's in my cupboards. The other writing on the paper must be some measurements for the greenhouse. I tend to re-use any scrap paper. It's surprising how much accumulates.

Apples nearly ready - have to be quick otherwise they go brown and I'm not giving them my lemon for my drink.

It's 10 o' clock now and at this particular moment I'm typing this post and drinking my lemon. Now for my next task on the list.



  1. I am exhausted just reading this. x

  2. I was processing apples at the weekend too. One lot made it into a crumble and the others have now been frozen.

  3. Wow you have had a busy but productive morning. Wish I could say my day has been so productive. Been a lazy thing today.

    God bless.


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