Friday, 25 November 2016

All wrapped up

I started wrapping presents today. Most of my Christmas wrapping paper has been used and I've not bought any more as I use material bags to 'wrap' the family presents. This bag was made from an old shiny gold top. All I did was sew the bottom up.

Fill with presents then just tie the shoulder straps together. Other bags have been made from clothing or material in shiny, Christmassy colours.

This year I tried something different and wrapped some presents up in a scarf - shiny and Christmassy of course. The recipient has a present on the outside as well as the inside. The scarves are bought very cheaply from the CS.

This scarf wrapped present is adorned with festive tassels and decorations.

Only a few more presents to wrap now and another task is ticked off the list.



  1. Lovely idea. I am way behind this year.

  2. Great wrapping ideas, Mum. You put me to shame.

  3. Love the scarf wrapping. I really wish that I had women to buy for as this would be a wonderful idea.

    A few years ago I made some cloth bags to use for gift wrapping. One colour for each of us. This has been working very well, except I seem to lose a few bags every year.

    God bless.

  4. Love the idea of using scarves for wrapping, I may be borrowing that one.

  5. That's a lovely idea.

    Julie xxxxxxx

  6. Yes indeed, what a lovely idea; love the gold bag. I tend to spend more time on wrapping presents than what is inside so I think recipients may sometimes be a bit disappointed!

  7. What a beautiful idea, your wrapped presents look absolutely gorgeous.


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