Friday, 30 September 2016


A friend received a gift of yarn from her friend who had inherited a great deal - think rooms full! My knitting friend admitted that she would never, ever use it all and so I was welcome to as much as I wanted. Wow!

I've never seen so much yarn, most of which was for knitting machines. I took my trolley round and loaded it up with colours I liked. Wow, my stash is replenished for the next ...

… hundred years!

I've made a start on the dishcloth cotton and am contemplating socks with the 4 ply or another blanket with multi yarns.

In one of the covering bags was this cutting offering cruises from £49. 

My other wow was from another friend who gave me some of her apples from her tree. Apple crumble has been prepared for the freezer. They won't last us a hundred years but will be an added bonus for this winter.

Vegetables from the garden were the payment and we were all happy with the deal. No money needed to change hands.



  1. Wow lucky lucky you with all the wool, and quickly book the cruise.

  2. Wow is right!! What a lovely lot of yarn you got, you will be busy for awhile.

    God bless.

  3. Fantastic stuff. It's lovely to be able to offer and swap things with others.

  4. Lucky you! Wish someone would exchange anything with me to get rid of these piles of tomatoes!

  5. Wow all that yarn. I can see lots of crochet or knitted squares. Perhaps chunky squares using three, four or five strands together

    Julie xxxx

  6. You can't beat a good barter can you. Veggies for wool seems like a very good deal :-)


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