Sunday, 18 September 2016

Hunt the Pic ...

… photo hunt starts tomorrow.

1. There is no need to set up any pictures as participants may submit from 1 picture up to 20, so no stress is involved to complete the lot. This opens up the challenge to anyone who doesn't want to tackle finding all the pictures.

2. Pictures may be taken from personal collections and personal blogs so hunts in computer picture galleries are encouraged. Doing this may help to 'tidy up' the 100s of pictures that many of us store on our computers.

3. There will be plenty of time to collect pictures as 'The Hunt' will run until the week of September 19th to 25th and during that week I shall post my finds and links to other Hunters can be made via the comments. There's no need to post pictures before the 19th. Posts can run throughout the week.

Here's the list. The connection between the picture and word can be explained or left to the imagination of the reader and I have deliberately not put the indefinite article (a) in front of each word to allow for more interpretation. 

e.g. Sight could have a picture of eyes or a view (or perhaps a messy bedroom)!
Mistake could be a DIY gone wrong or a spelling mistake on the high street.

1. dream
2. possession
3. passion
4. wonder
5. source
6. tune or song
7. wink
8. comfort
9. thought
10. glance
11. spectacle
12. inspiration
13. sight
14. beauty
15. arrangement
16. grace
17. weakness
18. elegance
19. smell or aroma
20. happiness

Here is a list of the participants but, as always, please join in with the odd photo or two if you wish to join the party this week. I am posting 4 pictures each day so my contributions will run until Friday.

Tracy - Your blog does not seem to be active at the moment. Hope you're still able to join in.

See you all tomorrow.


PS I am here in person, having escaped the hospital for the next few weeks. Dropping apart is such fun!


  1. Love the beautiful list of words ♥

  2. Oh, I missed this. I will look forward to seeing everyone else's photographs instead. X


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