Friday, 2 September 2016

Wakey, Wakey!

No, no, 

Sleepy, Sleepy.

Ever wake up in the night and look at the clock?

I collected these pics over a number of 'rough' nights. I'd love just to sleep right through but very rarely do. Spooky though - waking up at these times.


PS - I must always be asleep at 1.11am.


  1. Yes, it is spooky. I usually wake in the middle of the night, sometimes around two and sometimes around four. We go to bed later than you and I like it to be either before 12.34 or after. Don't ask me why.

    Joan (Wales)

  2. Am having the same problem lately. Plays havoc with the next day's productiveness - end up mooching round in a fog... Very frustrating.

  3. OOOh that is spooky!
    I very rarely sleep through now either, but stopped looking at the time because i was always counting how long i had got to sleep before the alarm went off!

  4. Lol , Thats weird , I can usually do it about once every few months and that's only one time lol xxx

  5. That is spooky but not so great, its awful waking up through the night.


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