Monday, 10 November 2014

The old cinema

The old Regent cinema is an imposing, but run down, building situated close to Blackpool centre. In the late 60s it became a Bingo Hall then later on a Snooker Hall.

Now it is a Vintage Emporium. We ventured up the stairs to the circle to view more stalls and saw the 'remains' of the cinema.

What a sorry state.

Paint peeling, rotting seats, ceilings down, steps strewn with debris.

Upstairs were more stalls bringing a splash of welcoming colour.

We debated buying this teapot set but on closer inspection the handle of the teapot had been glued back on and there was a serious crack in the bottom of the hot water pot so we didn't bother.

I hope someone will be bothered in the future to restore this building to its former glory. It's so sad when buildings get into disrepair and there is not enough money to renovate properly.

There is more information about the building here and below. Click on the 'show more' under the video for a more detailed story.

This is the only picture I could find of the cinema as it was originally.



  1. It really is sad to see it in that state, if I remember correctly the group running the emporium people did bid for money to do a bit more with it but were unsuccessful. Maybe in the future something will happen fingers crossed.

  2. Such a shame when a building with historical value is left to rot. I wonder what it could look like once restored.
    Jane x

  3. Another super post Mum, thank you.
    Especially dear to me as Blackpool has a special place in my heart.
    I hope that it can be restored, such a shame that it is in disrepair.
    Pam in Tx.xx

  4. So many old cinemas have been turned into bingo halls and warehouse type shops losing all their lovely architectural features. The modern multiplexes have none of the style or grandeur of the old cinemas.

  5. I agree with all the posts above. Blackpool is such a popular party spot, maybe a pub-to-pub-and-club late night collection could help relieve some of the revellers of their small change (and pound coins) and collect a bit of money towards a refurb?


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