Friday, 28 November 2014

From my seat

Straight ahead of me are shelves in need of some organising. The baskets contain some presents and some items from the CS. Can you see the crocheted Christmas tree? I'll show a closer look sometime. My Christmas zig zag granny blanket (click on the label for more info) is out on the bed but no cats on it at the moment. They've found a warmer place.

On my computer bed table is my Filofax and some Classic FM cd's (bought from the Tip Shop!)

By my side is the biggest ball of wool in the house. I may use it to edge my Autumn blanket.

On the floor are two very unusual Christmas garlands and some fluffy baubles from the CS. Their colours are much more vivid than in the picture.

This bedside table definitely needs seeing to, doesn't it. A quick tidy is what's needed.

Nah! This is a working bedside table. CDs to listen to or perhaps the radio; yarn to crochet into this year's Christmas garland; crochet hooks at the ready; nail files if needed - can't catch on the yarn, can we? Music paper for my origami stars; a basket of colourful pens for writing in my diary; ear phones so I don't disturb anyone and a small clock to make sure I don't crochet for too long! There's also a large bedside lamp.

Shame about there being not enough room for the telephone. It's hanging on for grim death.

Perhaps a tidy is needed - of all the room.



  1. My bedroom needs a really good clean and sort out. It tends to be the one room that I leave until it's desperate and give priority to all the other rooms.

  2. I absolutely love the fluffy pom pom thingies!
    Jane x

  3. I love your bedside table, it says so much about the things that you do when you're at your most comfortable. I tend to read in bed so only really have my books, but I could do with doing some crochet and listening to some music instead of the tuneful sound of my husband snoring.

  4. I have a smug look on my face knowing I've sorted out my room recently :) Like 'smilymel' I only have books, lamp, teddy bear and clock radio on my bedside, which is on its last legs, the radio that is......are you listening santa?
    I love the blanket and am off to click on the label now! Suzy x

  5. I love seeing other people's 'stuff' it doesn't bother me at all. My stuff on the other hand really annoys me! x


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