Saturday, 22 November 2014

Mum's Virtual Party

Party Time

Well here we are. Do you like my costume? I could use it again for dancing, couldn't I?


I've brought my friend with me. Let me introduce Angel. She's a bit of a snooty effort at the moment - the CB sale wasn't to her liking. Neither was the 50p price tag. I'm sure if I make an effort she'll come round a bit. This party is the start of her makeover.


A party's not a party without food and we can share DD's birthday pizza. Pizza? You don't like pizza? Never mind - here - have some of DD's birthday cake.

It's a shallow sponge cake topped with red coloured butter icing for the tomato base, The cheese is grated marzipan and the herbs are green coloured coconut.

It should have looked like this.

I made her a pizza card from recycled bits of paper and card.

Don't want cake?


I'll just put my music on. Click on the link if you want to listen to an impromptu concert. I love live music and this band I could listen to all day.


Thrift Deluxe - here's your present. I know it's not your birthday (well I don't really) but I saw this and thought of you (well not you as such). I hope the bunnies will enjoy these.

Right, is it my game now? We're going to play - My name's Joe. Don't forget to join in with the actions.

I thought I'd look into my party games books for some more fun!!!! One is called The Home Entertainer which was probably published in the '40s and the other is Party Games for Young and Old (that should do us), of similar vintage.

How's about Lemon Golf - no skill required here?

'Lemon Golf is played with walking sticks and lemons. Even high golfing skill will not be found of much avail; the novice is just as likely to do well.
Chalk rings on the floor to serve as 'holes' or use four-inch circular pieces of paper or cardboard. Distribute your holes as widely as possible, and see which player can get round all of them in the fewest strokes. Alternatively, each hole may be played for separately a all the players, before any one goes on to the next hole. The winner will then be the person who has won most holes.
Few things can roll more unexpectedly than a lemon!'

Or perhaps you are not the active type - no worries - here's a pencil and paper game for you. Great for cat lovers too.

What do you know about Cats? Find as many cats as possible.

1. A cat that is a disruption.
2. A cat that is livestock.
3. A cat that is a firework.
4. A cat that is a larva.
5. A cat that is a capture.
6. A cat that is instruction by question and answer.
7. A cat that is a cold.
8. a subterranean cemetery.
9. A cat that is disastrous end.
10. A cat that is universal.
11. A cat that is the principal church of the diocese.
12. A cat that is a class.
13. A cat that is a complete list.
14. A cat that is made of a forked stick and elastic.
15. A cat that is the string of a violin.
16. A cat that provides food.
17. A cat that is a waterfall.
18. A cat that is infectious.
19. A cat that is screaming.
20. A cat that is attractive.
21. A cat that is the flower of some trees.
22. A cat that is a plant.
23. A cat that is a girls' name.
24. A cat that is a Roman.
25. A cat that is in Kent.

(Answers in next post) Don't worry if you don't get them all.


The Bloggysphere is very festive today. I'll just hang up my decoration. I have quite a few, mostly for Christmas but this one is for now. I shall be  making quite a few more of these stars for my music group for our last Christmas session. We always swap cards then and I decorate the tea table.

These origamis stars magically transform into festive wreaths just right for the season.

Click here if you would like to make one yourself.


I need everyone joining in again for my party piece. Take your time to memorise and practise. Ready - off we go!

Betty Botter bought some butter,
"But," she said, "this butter's bitter.
If I put it in my batter it will make my batter bitter."
So she bought some better butter,
Better than the bitter butter.
And 'twas better Betty Botter
Bought a bit of better butter.

Did you manage to recite it without any mistakes? Give yourselves a big hand there! Now try reciting - a proper copper coffee pot or a big bad badly bleeding blister - a few times.

I'm quite nervous about doing this party piece which you could try yourself. All you need is a spoon and a little bit of breath.

Here are some tips if you want to join in!

I'm so eager to visit the other partygoers who will be posting Party Posts today.  Let's call in and see if their post is up, shall we? If it's not we'll have to call back later.

Johnny Jumps up



I really should have made picture puzzles of your names, shouldn't I? Next time, maybe!

Hope you enjoyed the Virtual Party. Thank you for coming.

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  1. So well done Mum, i've enjoyed your part immensely. Thank you for the effort.

  2. Fab party. I love the colour of your dress. The cake looks lovely too but I will pass on it as I don't like marzipan. The origami stars look vey effective done with music. Is it Christmas music?
    I'm afraid I wasn't very good at the lemon golf. My lemon got stuck in the rough (under the sofa) and I couldn't find it. Oh and now my tongue'th ith in noths.
    That was fun. Thank you for inviting me

  3. I have so enjoyed your party, Mum, I'm just off to post mine now. Joy x x x

  4. Great party - thank you
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  5. Phew I need a rest now, lovely post thanks xx

  6. Great party post. Love the idea of Lemon golf and the Pizza cake looks yummy.

  7. A crappity couple of days I'm glad for the fun! A spoon on my nose? Have you seen my nose?There's no way on earth that a spoon balances on my schnoz!
    Jane x

  8. Ha! Thank you for my birthday gift, you're right, it's very popular in this house.

    I'm sorry I missed the party, I wasn't around last weekend, it looks like great fun and the cake looks great.


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