Tuesday, 8 October 2013


"Do you want it? I'm getting rid."

(Never one to pass on something that is free.) "Yes please, I've been looking into buying one of these for myself. I believe it takes about an hour to make pasta and I thought that shop bought pasta is quicker to prepare so I didn't take the plunge but I can have a go now, can't I?"

(Thinks) "Is it too much trouble to prepare your own pasta? Is that why she's getting rid of it?"

So - to all in the blogosphere ...

Do you have one of these?
Do you use it and if so is that regularly or just when you have time?
Do you need special flour or would ordinary flour do?
Will I trap my fingers?!!!!   :O
Is it a lot of mess when a packet could be opened and the contents cooked within 10 minutes?

Perhaps I should just pluck up the courage to use it now.



  1. Hello! Fresh eggy pasta is delicious... it does take some getting used to making with a machine though.

    You just need ordinary flour, cheap plain will do. It's not cheaper than doing a dish with dried pasta, but it's cheaper than buying fresh at full price.

    Use a bit of dough to wind through the rollers to clean it. Roll your pasta out and wind through the thick setting, fold it over, wind through a smaller setting - and repeat. Then you can use the cutters to make strips of the desired size, or keep in sheets for lasagne or ravioli.

    I'm rubbish at using mine, but my OH is quite good at it.

  2. I have one and making pasta on it is easy, you won't catch or smash your fingers.

  3. I've never used one in my life and wouldn't have the first clue to your questions, however, my niece has one and always makes her own pasta, so it can't be that difficult, can it? Perhaps I'll stick with the packets.

  4. Hi Mum,
    OO flower is recommended but I have found plain works just fine, it doesn't take long to make a batch of pasta, you can add good stuff like spinach too. It is quite good fun, a bit like grown up playdoh :) and the most time consuming bit is chilling the dough a short while to let the gluten do it's stuff.
    I use my pasta machine to make puff pastry too :) It is great for rolling out the layers. Give it a try, you will either love it or hate it but the fresh pasta tastes delicious xx

  5. Oooo...looks good to me, I would not have a clue where to start. Looking forward to seeing your taglietelle some time soon. ;)

  6. I have never had one mum but will be interested in seeing your results.

  7. You lucky girl! You will never look at dry pasta again. I bought my husband one of these about 15 years ago when they were very expensive. But the pasta that it makes is sublime! Even I have used it - so it must be easy! I use plain flour each time and it works fine. Google or YouTube instructions on how to use it if you are unsure. I also make the pasta dough in the food processor now - it's much easier (I don't have the strength in my hands & arms anymore). Then you just keep rolling the dough through the machine until the desired thickness. Lasagna made like this is fabulous - you'll never go back to dried sheets or even the fresh (!) sheets you can buy from the supermarket.

    Have fun!

    From DeeJay in Whangarei, New Zealand

  8. Home made pasta tastes way better. :)

  9. I've never used one myself but my friend has one and she loves hers : )

    Look forward to hearing how you get on.

  10. My trusty teenage assistant is a dab hand at the rolling. I use own eggs and 00 flour. Lets the pasta be the star of the show

  11. I have one buried in the cupboard unopened. It frightens me and i fear failure. Huh! Really! Yeah. I would be happy if an old Italian Mumma called in and took me through the steps then i would jump in, i think. Problem, i dont know any.

  12. I don't have one, but have hankered after one for a while as I'd love to give making my own pasta a go. You lucky thing! xx

  13. I've had one for about 40 years and use it maybe a couple of times a year. I use my Cuisinart food processor to prepare the dough and the Atlas kneads it to whatever thickness I want. We don't think it has quite the texture of hand-rolled pasta, but good anyway. I really should use it more often.
    Sarah in California


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