Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Crocheted handkerchief case and a crochet edging for a handkerchief

Here's my version of Grandma's handkerchief case which is basically 2 experimental granny rounds joined together with a dc and reverse dc border.

the front

the back

Leave a gap at the top for the opening.

with handkerchief

And here's another little pressie for Grandma-in-law. At the wedding she proudly showed me her crochet edged handkerchief and I couldn't get over how fine her work was. (Is that a proper sentence?) I just had to have a go myself, so with the crochet cotton and a 1mm hook this time, I tackled a square of cotton cut out of a napkin (serviette). Following a Youtube video I rolled the edge of the cotton and dc'd all the way round. My next round was also UK dc with 3 dc in the corners and on the 3rd round I did a half treble chain 1 with 3 half trebles in the corners.

Another round of dc's followed with a final round of reverse dc's. My first round is a bit skew whiff and the border pulls slightly but I'm hoping that a wash, a stretch and an iron will even it out. If it doesn't it's 'in the bin'!



  1. Oh to be able to knit and crochet like our mothers and grandmothers. I like your fine handkerchief edging. Dianne

  2. That is so pretty! Please don't bin it even if it slightly skew-whiff - keep it as a second best! None of us is perfect after all
    Autumn blessings xx

  3. The edging looks good to me,, but I am not a Crochetter (?).

  4. Hi Mum - the handkerchief case is so darling, and you did a good job with the edging. Very nice. The weather here this morning (it's not yet eight o'clock a.m.) is dreary from my windows, but we are headed out anyway. And guess what, I am putting together the green afghan I had started. Yippee! Pics will be on my blog soon. Then to put the baby afghan together. I'm on a roll! xxoo

  5. Looks lovely and a great gift idea too, lovely to get something that has been handmade and thought about x

  6. I've not tried to crochet anything round yet - looks a bit difficult!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. I love this edging, its so, so pretty.

  8. I jjust love these hanky cases ... what a good idea for presents. And how fine is that work .. gosh .. I think I would struggle to see what I was doing ... just lovely.

    Vicky x

  9. I like the colours, but a crochet pattern is like double dutch to me.

  10. The handkerchief case is so sweet - what a good idea. Your hanky stitching is so fine, wow :) xx

  11. There's one thing I really like about you - you're always willing to give anything a go.


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