Saturday, 21 July 2018

Fifth pop in

When I started to go grey I dyed my hair first of all my own colour, a mousy brown. I got more adventurous and had streaks put in then decided to go a lighter brown, then even lighter still. There came a time when I wasn't sure exactly what colour was underneath. I knew it was going to be a grey of some sort so when I'd reached 'lightest ash blond' I decided that enough was enough and I would dye no more. Here's my 'normal' colour. I think it deserves a little ditty.

To the tune 'Go West' by the Pet Shop Boys

Come on, come on, come on, come on 
(Together) we will go our way 
(Together) we won’t dye today
(Together) with our own fair hands 
(Together) we will make our plans 
(Together) we will aim more high
(Together) tell dyed hair goodbye 
(Together) we will be so true
(Together) this is what we'll do
Go grey - life will be less stressful there
Go grey - it is only fair
Go grey - never pink or blue
Go grey - this is what we’re gonna do
Go grey, this is what we’re gonna do, go grey.



  1. It looks lovey I have that dilemma every time it need colouring Not quite ready to do it yet though xxx

  2. I've stopped dyeing my hair to check what shades of grey I am, I'm a couple of months behind you. I hope mine looks as good as yours.

  3. It looks beautiful! Mine about the same color. I stopped coloring it 17 years ago and have never looked back!

  4. I wish I had gone a beautiful colour like yours. So I am sticking with red.

  5. well done to you! If I went grey/silver/white it sure would save me an awful lot of money!

  6. Looks beautiful. Love the Blackpool/Pet Shop Boys tie in too!

  7. Beautiful and so healthy looking. I still have silver highlights to blend in with the white bits but think I’m nearly ready to embrace the natural.

  8. I am at the "in between" stage, so have to keep on dying it, as it looks icky if I don't.

  9. Wow, it’s lovely! I wish I was all-over silver but I’m more what my mother would call “pepper and salt”. On good days I like it and on bad days I feel like reaching for the box again - just the faff of it all puts me off!

  10. This is what I embarked on two years ago! However, once they'd stripped all the colour from my hair and I went light - I grew DARK ROOTS! Oh the unfairness. I wanted to be glamorously silvery blonde. Anyway I've spent the time since then going darker and darker till I am back where I started!! I'll maybe try again in a few years time! I have serious hair envy Mrs x

  11. I stopped colouring my hair a year or so ago. The grey is increasing, but it's not too bad for the moment, so I'm going to go with it.

    Your hair colour is beautiful. Lots of young women today would kill for it. I've noticed a trend for them dying their hair grey. Definitely no need to dye anymore. One less chore. Enjoy it.

  12. I'd love to lay off the colouring but whilst the front of my hair is white, the middle section is brown & grey and the back is still really dark. I have it blonded and then use silver toner over the lot.


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