Tuesday, 12 September 2017

The Play Room

In preparation for the decorating of the upstairs - which is a long way off yet - I decided to sort out the play room which had been a dumping ground for various bits and pieces from downstairs. There's a large roll of new carpet underlay in here that is destined for the front bedroom when that's been painted so I had to work around this. The sorting took all afternoon because this room houses craft stuff and 'things' I want to keep at the moment. Here's a local newspaper pull out from 2003 which lays out future plans for Blackpool. We don't look a bit like the front cover yet. Obviously this dream is not likely to become a reality at the moment.

Here's a picture drawn by DD when she was 3. I think its a self portrait.

DS drew his dad who is obviously very fierce indeed.

Another of DD's efforts from later years showing the family cat.

I don't know why I keep patterns. I have 3 sewing machines but do not seem to have time or inclination to use them. I love looking at old patterns though.

I have a storage cube of cross stitch patterns, silks and threads which I should really get round to sewing. Time, again, is needed as well as the desire to complete everything. I think I gave up cross stitch when I couldn't focus properly.

Oh dear - I shouldn't have emptied the storage unit. Just how much craft stuff do I need for card making? Ribbons, embellishments, sticky things, old and interesting toys, puzzles, games - the list goes on. 

It's not getting any easier or clearer.

I'm having a 'right good time'.



  1. I have been sorting my craft stuff too, but then it just got to the stage where I just started moving stuff back and forth and not deciding weather to throw it. give it away or sell it, so I going to leave the sorting for a couple of days

    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. You are certainly keeping yourself busy, love the drawings, I have a little keepsake box with drawings and other things in, lovely to go down memory lane xx

  3. I love the IKEA units but they do mend themselves to hiding stuff away. I now have everything in one box so I know what I've got.

  4. Ha ha. What fun no wonder it is a play room. You will get there Mum.

  5. What treasures! The pictures are so precious. The sewing patterns are so expensive to buy now. That looks a good stock you have there.

  6. I think DD's cat would make a lovely line embroidery.

  7. Just lovely treasures.

    God bless.

  8. It can be fun going through old stuff - but then deciding what to keep and what to go can be stressful! I have old patterns too - I can't get rid of mine though as I used to work for New Look patterns as their head designer managing the design department - I can just spy what looks like one in your collection - you never know it might have started life on my sketch pad! I have one of the very first hand cut patterns in my collection and one of their very early babies patterns which I made for my daughters. New Look started out as Maudella (Aunts Maud and Ella) in an attic room in Bradford. Happy sorting!


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