Tuesday, 19 September 2017


  1.  2-tone trim phones
  2. windjammers
  3. frost on the inside of window
  4. warming the day's clothes on the clothes horse in front of the fire
  5. running downstairs in the freezing cold to get dressed in front of the fire
  6. my friend's roll on
  7. vests - I used to hide mine
  8. the noise and sight of the now old-fashioned dentist's drill
  9. putting rags in my hair to make ringlets
  10. perms - what a heavy head!
  11. white kinky boots
  12. pink calamine lotion for my chicken pox spots - yuk

  13. childhood ailments - chicken pox, scarlet fever, German measles - I didn't get measles or mumps
  14. my friend's liberty bodice - what a lot of buttons to do up
  15. plastic sandals
  16. bubbly swimsuits which always smelt of the sea
  17. playing in the rough sea with a car tyre - no adult around
  18. Lucky bags - what a rip off for 3d
  19. knicker bocker glories - another rip off
  20. aniseed balls
  21. liquorice wheels
  22. butterscotch and liquorice gums
  23. skipping
  24. handstands against the school wall - had to tuck my dress into my knickers
  25. Brownie cameras which only took 8 pictures

The list could go on and on.


  1. My memory is having a tiny radio under my pillow, turned just loud enough so I could hear it, listening to Radio Caroline. Plus camera flash bulbs, only four per unit and you always needed more than you had. Sending off film with everything crossed the photo's I took were good, and feeling cross when they came back rubbish, but you still had to pay for the process. Love your list.

  2. Oh, I remember perms! My mum used to have my hair permed twice a year because she didn't like my straight hair, and thought I looked better with curls, and I hated it!

    Julie xxxx

  3. I too remember transistor radios. Also buckle on skates, bikes with one speed only, tv with 3 channels all in black and white and they didn't come on till 3pm.

  4. I had a liberty bodice aged about 4....... heavens knows why!

  5. People knocking on our door to use the phone as they had no change for the public phone or it didn't work. I was talking to the grandchildren today and said milkman and they both looked at me. What's a milkman? 😂

  6. I would rather not remember! All in the past. Looking forward is good.x

  7. Gosh I remember so many of those :-)

  8. Love this post. The kids remember when there was ice on the inside of the windows. Don't think many kids would tolerate that now. lol
    Were they good times or are we fooling ourselves ?
    I look back fondly at bringing my lot up, its only as they got older that we've had problems with the boys partners. such a shame.

  9. I remember hiding under the blankets with a flashlight in order to finish a chapter or two in the book I was reading.

    God bless.

  10. Yes, I remember most of those. My twelve year old granddaughter loves to hear my stories of childhood. She finds it impossible to comprehend how it was with no iPads, mobile phones, endless tv or "designer" stuff!

  11. I didn't live near enough to the sea to play in it with a tyre, but we did nick the offcuts of cardboard from a local factory and used them to slide down the grassy bank that came down from the motorway!


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